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Reinvent your Operational Excellence through empowering your people.

Businesses today are facing ever increasing challenges. There is therefore a need to be more agile than ever! We see this situation time and again, with organizations struggling to understand how they can make sustainable changes. For many just getting started seems like an uphill battle. Is this situation something you recognise in your own business?

A humanistic approach to Operational Excellence delivers the agile business you need to stay ahead of your competitors, win new sales and rapidly transform your investments into profit.

The best part of this is that we do this through empowering your people, transforming them into your most valuable assets who deliver sustainable improvements again and again.

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We Are Leaders in the Field of Inspiring Change

With our unique approach to motivating employees to buy into a company’s mission, we’ve become leaders in the field of operational systems. We call this approach Operational Excellence 2.0™.

LDI’s team of practitioners are highly skilled in both the technical aspects of changing business systems as well as the emotional aspects of getting employees on board with these changes. Our team is uniquely qualified to accomplish this through our extensive training in the Applied Psychology Approach (APA).

LDI has approximately 25 practitioners around the globe who actively implement Operational Excellence 2.0™ at various customers locations.

Our team of expertise with +15 years of experience as international leaders use the LDI approach to train, coach and mentor our clients.

Our practitioners are fully trained to use Applied Psychology Approach (APA) which is the foundation of our concept at LDI. We pride ourselves on having a diversified team of expertise whom enable us to deliver our services aligned with variety of cultures and environments per our customer needs.

Currently, LDI practitioners provide services in English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Bulgarian, Romanian, German, Portuguese, Russian and Italian and our list constantly expands.

Empowering Companies and Brands Worldwide

Are you Ready for Change?

We Are leaders in the field of inspiring change to improve your business. Through LDI’s Operational Excellence 2.0™, we help you refine your organizational change strategy and determine what actions are needed to reach your goals.

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