Operational Excellence 2.0™

Operational Excellence 2.0™ is the new updated version of the old Operational Excellence thinking. Taking your strategy and create the actions needed to reach your vision/targets is what we have done for many years now. The complicated part is that only a few people are involved, and they get overwhelmed with work. In the end, we struggle to sustain it since the ownership is not with the people who will perform the tasks/operations. OpEx2.0™ is using the knowledge of human behavior and implement the systematic approach to realize your vision of working with the people and understanding what gets them engaged and willing.

What would be possible for you if all your Employees could help you to achieve:

Bottom Line Results

Strengthen your Value Proposition

Create strong Processes

Engaged Associates

We support our clients to improve their result by:

Ensuring everyone is safe
Building high engagement in the workforce
Making a complex system understandable and actions achievable
Inviting everyone to participate
Training, Coaching and Mentoring our clients so the organization can take over the system

LDI and OpEx 2.0

Leading Effective Improvement Teams


What is the main difference between the old model and OpEx 2.0?

The main difference is how the implementation is done. We focus on how people learn, how they get engaged and how to sustain it using human behavior knowledge and experience

What is the main service? Courses? Training? Planning? What is the deliverable?

The main deliverable is a system of continuous improvement. The system is built around your people and focused on your type of business and your specific business needs. We leave a stronger organization and workforce behind that can run the system on their own without our input.

What is the process of it?

Our process is tailored to the actual situation you have which means we start with a scan that is designed to ensure we understand where you are in technical aspects, cultural and leadership aspects as well. We then report back to you to develop a clear agreed path forward.

Do you only work with the people and the engagement?

No we work on all, the technical aspects of creating a system of continuous improvement while using our skills to inspire and lead the engagement and it’s all based on human behavior. The training/implementation is done while solving your specific business problems, so the payback comes early and it’s very hands on.

How long does it take?

That is totally up to your specific situation and hunger to get it working for you.

Who is your potential audience/ client?

We work with the whole organization however we start small and grow as fast as you can absorb it.

Companies? What size? Small or large corporates?

There’s no real limit for us but we focus on medium to large companies with multiple manufacturing sites

What is the operations region of your program?

We cover all areas of the world.

Good for any specific organizational culture?

Our scan helps us to understand the local culture and we ensure we build from what you are good at to use that in your growth.

How much does it cost? How should I get a quote? Do you need any information from the business to get the quote?

So far we haven’t cost any company anything, we save money and have an ROI track record of 5-10 times our cost. The variation depends mostly on how much effort you put into it and your leadership determination to make it work for you. We never send quotes without a visit to understand you and we normally start with the scan before any more detailed quotes are given.