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Excellence 2.0™

Operational Excellence 2.0™ is an updated version of the old Operational Excellence way of thinking. We’ve been in the business of working with clients to take their strategy and identify the actions needed to reach their vision/targets for several years now. Over time, we found that some of our clients were becoming overwhelmed with the work required to be successful, especially since a small number of employees were engaged with this system. In the end, we found that the original OpEx wasn’t sustainable since all the employees at the organization, from the CEO to entry-level staff, weren’t involved with this process. OpEx2.0™ uses this experience and leverages our knowledge of human behavior to implement a systematic approach to engage all your employees and get buy-in from the top down.

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Training, Coaching and Mentoring our clients so the organization can take over Ensuring everyone is safe Inviting everyone to participate

What would be possible for you if all your employees were driven to succeed in:

Engaging Associates

Creating Strong Processes

Strengthening Your Value Propositions

Improving Your Bottomline Results

We support our clients to
improve their results by

Inviting everyone to participate

Training, Coaching and Mentoring our clients so the organization can champion this system

Making a complex system understandable and actions achievable

Ensuring everyone is safe

Building high engagement in the workforce


What makes OpEx2.0™ unique is that it’s not a one size fits all solution. LDI takes the time to customize this system to meet your business’ needs, whether you’re in elderly care, manufacturing steel, paper or glass, making components, beverages, hospitals, non-profits, etc.
LDI can improve your business’ performance by implementing a fully-customized OpEx2.0™ system, while considering the safety and happiness of all your employees.


When people ask us how many programs we offer, the answer is the same number of programs as we have customers. LDI leverages a company’s strengths to help them succeed in their field. LDI has inspired thousands of people to apply their skills and talents when they are faced with new challenges, and this leads to everyone’s success.

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Oftentimes, manufacturing companies lose customers to competitiors because of cost and turnaround times. When these companies work with LDI, we assess their current workflow and tackle the issues needed to reduce lead time. With some of our clients, we’ve successfully reduced lead time by 90%! These businesses can then pass this savings along to their customers and free up additional machines to use with new clients. These businesses have the same number of machines and the same number of employees, but they can effectively double their output.

We have clients that bring us back every couple of years for a refresher and these have become our model sites. Visitors to these sights can easily see how LDI’s program has benefitted those companies and be inspired to engage with the Operational Excellence 2.0™ system.


Do you have more questions about LDI?

What is the main difference between the old model and OpEx 2.0™?
OpEx 2.0™ addresses the emotional impact of organizational change. We now focus on how people learn, how they become engaged and how to sustain engagement and buy-in by using our knowledge of human behavior and our experience in facilitating organizational change.
What is your primary service? Courses? Training? Planning? What are the deliverables?
We deliver a system of continuous improvement. This system is built around the people in your organization and focuses on your type of business and your organization’s needs. When we are finished, you will have a stronger organization and workforce that is capable of utilizing the system without our oversight.
What is your process?
Our process will be custom-tailored to your organization. We will start with an organizational audit so that we can fully understand where you are technically, culturally, and what is your leadership style. After the auditing process, we can then work with you to develop a clear path forward.
How long does this process take?
This will depend on your individual needs, the size of your organization, and the time you can dedicate to working with us and implementing changes.
Do you only work with the executive team?
We work with your entire organization. However, we will start with a small group and quickly expand.
What size companies do you typically work with?
Although we primarily work with medium to large companies with multiple manufacturing sites, we can work with companies of any size.
Where do you operate?
We work with businesses all over the world!
Is this program good for any specific organizational culture?
Our auditing process helps us understand your business’ culture and we ensure that we build a customized program based on your strengths.