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With our unique approach to motivating employees to buy into a company’s mission, we’ve become leaders in the field of operational systems. We call this approach Operational Excellence 2.0. LDI’s team of practitioners are highly skilled in both the technical aspects of changing business systems as well as the emotional aspects of getting employees on board with these changes. Our team is uniquely qualified to accomplish this through our extensive training in the Applied Psychology Approach (APA).

Johan Majlov

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer Johan Majlov explores new, forward-thinking business approaches to identify ones that will specifically work for your business.

Brian Rawson

Chief People Officer

Chief People Officer Brian Rawson looks at how a system affects your employees, identifies opportunities for change, and keeps everyone on the same page.

LDI Practitioners

LDI has approximately 25 active practitioners globally that are spread around the world. They are the ones who actively implement Operational Excellence 2.0™ at customers locations. They use the LDI approach of course and train, coach and mentor our clients.
Our Practitioners are senior people with +15 years of implementation behind them as well as senior leadership positions in an international environment. They are all trained in APA, short for Applied Psychology Approach, which is the base for the LDI concept.
At LDI, we pride ourselves in having a team that is very diverse and experienced. Being able to adjust to different customer needs and cultures is key.
Currently, and it expands constantly, LDI practitioners can service in English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Bulgarian, Romanian, German, Portuguese, Russian, Italian.


    Team Americas and global specialists


    Team Europe/Asia and global specialists