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AskLDI Case Studies – Health Care Region Elderly Care


This community owned non-profit system was having problems delivering support to the elderly people in their care. The elderly lived in their own homes and received a visit from a Nurse to provide medical, food, cleaning, etc. Typically a nurse was spending 2 hours out of 5 in their car driving around to their patients. They were stressing to get to them all and had very little time for every individual person.


My Team (I am a Certified Practitioner) was tasked with reducing the travel time the nurses took, and increase the value delivered to the patients, by ensuring enough time for face-to-face activities.  We were also tasked to improve the service and satisfaction for the patient and their families.


We used a Team of nurses and trained them in tools and methodologies that were learned thru the Get Certified Institute. We used the PDCA approach as well as problem solving techniques.

We were also given the directives that no head count increases was allowed, and all current health care standards had to be met or exceeded.

We out lined the current state to see where all the patients lived. The different nurse teams were identified with different colors.  We then put a colored pin for every patient corresponding to the Nurse Team color. We grouped and consolidated nurse groups whick meant less travel.

We visited with all patients to enable the change in nurses for them and promised a higher level of service.

The Nurse reduced their need cars since the distance between every patient was much shorter. Every nurse could now have an extra 20 minute personal time with every patient to ensure Face-to-Face time increased.