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James Smith is sharing his thoughts on data systems for manufacturing.

2 Min Drill Do you really know your data

In This episode of the two-minute drill, I’m going to be talking about the key components in delivering a deep root to change in an organization. Focusing on leadership.

Implementing a continuous improvement system obviously requires 100 percent committed from the management team, so after you have a clear direction, you have your deployment done, your organization is aligned. Now it’s important to ensure that the management is 100 percent committed…

2 Min Drill 100% Commitment

Organizations often struggle to understand how an what to plan when embarking on an improvement journey…

2 Min Drill What is a Deployment

Some year ago now I was a 15 years old and a back-up goal keeper in a sport called handball. I got the best advice ever from the starter goalie. Here’s what happened…

Share to grow yourself and others

A VP told me about an exit interview he had with a retiree. The person said that he had been so disappointed by the company so many times and when asked he told this story…

2 Min Drill The Habit of Resisting change

Classical Operational Excellence work has been around for a long time and we can see that a majority of organizations who try to implement it fails. One of the reasons for the failure is lack of human focus. Watch the video for more…


What is Operational Excellence 2.0 and how is it implemented in an organization?