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Hey can we all get committed please…


In this article, I will be talking about the key components in delivering a deep-rooted change in an organization, focusing on leadership.

Implementing a continuous improvement system obviously requires 100% committed management team, so after you have a clear direction, and you have your deployment done, your organization is aligned, now it’s important to ensure that the management is 100% commitment.

1% lack of commitment in a management team means 50% lack of commitment on the shop floor. That is important to remember. There are pockets on the shop floor, pockets in the company, they are now not committed to run or do anything with inside the improvement system. Why is that? Well, the managers don’t show commitment, why should I?

Here’s the thing that a lot of managers misunderstand: if you come in, in the beginning of a meeting, and you tell everybody how important it is and then you leave, that is not necessarily considered commitment. It’s not a bad thing to do that, but you know what’s much more powerful? Action, Participation.

Stay in the meetings. Participate. Walk the shop floor. Ask questions, and stay tuned for more articles on that part. I’m going to tell you more about how to develop questions. But if you don’t show action, it doesn’t matter how much you talk. It doesn’t. And maybe that’s unfair, but it comes with the territory, I’m afraid.

So, show actions. Think about this: when you come to work every day, as a leader you can either be a driver that make things happen, you can be a person that builds the road makes connections, the track, the path forward, you can also be a rock that blocks the track. That blocks everybody else from running. You can be a block by not doing anything. Think about that. So, you need to show actions to be 100% committed.

Johan Majlov, CEO Lean Dimensions International