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Hello everyone, my name is Joe Majlov and today I’m putting this video together to talk a little bit on the culture of 5s. 5s is a very famous method based on the idea of world-class manufacturing or Lean Thinking. During this video, I’m going to tell a little story, an idea about what I think is important around the culture of 5s, and why it works in some areas and why it doesn’t in others. To find out more on the culture of 5S, watch the video .

The culture for 5S video

Hey everyone! Today, I’ve been thinking about learning and how much I enjoy learning new things. In fact, I think that’s one of the main reasons I’m a consultant.I like to learn new things, how things are made etc., But sometimes, it can be hard to find the time to learn. How well do you find the time to learn new things, on an everyday basis?

To find out my tips on how I continuously learn, check out the video .

2 Min Drill Continuous Learning

Hi everyone! Today, I wanted to focus on talking a little bit about resistance to change. Inspired by watching television, seeing the protests going on, as well as things happening in other countries, one thought struck me: I can’t help but think that the less you are a part of the change, the less you’re a part of what’s going on. The decisions are happening, but because you’re not apart of the decision-making process, you’re more prone to resist the change.

To find out how to better manage your reactions to change, check out the video .

2 min Drill Inclusive Leadership

When I was a production manager for an area and I had a team of fantastic people that I worked with, one day when I was walking to a meeting one of the guys there told to another guy that “if I was intelligent I will be working in design.” I stopped and asked him “what do you mean if you’re intelligent to work in design”? He said “yea, I meant exactly what I said!” so I thought it was a bit strange and when I walked into the meeting, I addressed that to everyone and I said “do you feel the same?” basically, they said, “yeah if we’re intelligent, we will work in another area”. These guys for assembling jet engines …

[Listen to the rest, on the video]

2 Min Drill, The real focus for better output

With the mindset of always wanting to do better and using a method to develop you will win, for example in this video around problem-solving and golf. …

2 Min Drill, The Mindset for Problem Solving

Imagine if you could get instant feedback for everything you did, how fast would you develop? What would be possible for you?

2 Min Drill Feedback

Some year ago now I was a 15 years old and a back-up goal keeper in a sport called handball. I got the best advice ever from the starter goalie. Here’s what happened…

Share to grow yourself and others

Organizations often struggle to understand how an what to plan when embarking on an improvement journey…

2 Min Drill What is a Deployment

In This episode of the two-minute drill, I’m going to be talking about the key components in delivering a deep root to change in an organization. Focusing on leadership.

Implementing a continuous improvement system obviously requires 100 percent committed from the management team, so after you have a clear direction, you have your deployment done, your organization is aligned. Now it’s important to ensure that the management is 100 percent committed…

2 Min Drill 100% Commitment

James Smith is sharing his thoughts on data systems for manufacturing.

2 Min Drill Do you really know your data

In this article I will be talking about the key components in delivering a deep-rooted change in an organization, focusing on leadership.

Implementing a continuous improvement system obviously requires 100% committed management team, so after you have a clear direction, and you have your deployment done, your organization is aligned, now it’s important to ensure that the management is 100% commitment.

1% lack of commitment in a management team means 50% lack of commitment on the shop floor. That is important to remember. There are pockets on the shop floor, pockets in the company, they are now not committed to run or do anything with inside the improvement system. Why is that? Well, the managers don’t show commitment, why should I?

Here’s the thing that a lot of managers misunderstand: if you come in, in the beginning of a meeting, and you tell everybody how important it is and then you leave, that is not necessarily considered commitment. It’s not a bad thing to do that, but you know what’s much more powerful? Action, Participation.

Stay in the meetings. Participate. Walk the shop floor. Ask questions, and stay tuned for more articles on that part. I’m going to tell you more about how to develop questions. But if you don’t show action, it doesn’t matter how much you talk. It really doesn’t. And maybe that’s unfair, but it comes with the territory, I’m afraid.

So show actions. Think about this: when you come to work every day, as a leader you can either be a driver that make things happen, you can be a person that builds the road makes connections, the track, the path forward, you can also be a rock that blocks the track. That blocks everybody else from running. You can be a block by not doing anything. Think about that. So you need to show actions to be 100% committed.

Please like and share this, and more importantly, send me an email. We can talk more.Stay tuned for more episodes. Thanks for reading.

Johan Majlov, CEO Lean Dimensions International

Hey can we all get committed please…

Based on the level of emotion at our last company workshop, LDI has reached new heights in its core value; “Being a loving, caring, and giving family. The LDI “extended” family had the pleasure in building and packaging 10 prosthetic hands that will be internationally distributed at no cost to those in need. This team building exercise was like no other we have seen. It pushed on collaboration, inspiration, assistance, and the overall spirit giving. In the end, many in the team were brought to tears but in the safe environment that LDI provides. Many thanks to all that participated and a special thanks to Carol at Odyssey Teams.

LDI family Building prosthetic hands for people in need.